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Cultural Scoping Study: Qualitative analysis of the meaning of Dugong and Seagrass across project countriesClosing Workshop Agenda3-2 Grant Writing Principles3-1 CMS Dugong MoU update2-7 Overview of Communications for the whole project PCT2-6 Policy Overview of whole project Project Coordination Team2-4 Cultural Scoping Study PPT2-3 Policy – drivers pressure state impact response ppt1-6 Business and Dugong Conservation T Varna1-0 UN Environment Opening PPT1-1 Project Coordination Team Closing WorkshopReport: Review of the Policy Gap Analyses of the Project CountriesIMCC5 Cultural Values Dugong – Intro slideIMCC Cultural Values SeagrassIMCC5 Cultural Values MalaysiaIMCC5 Cultural Values Solomon IslandsIMCC5 Cultural Values Timor-LesteIMCC5 Cultural Values MozambiqueIMCC5 Cultural values of MadagascarEPSC 3 – SPREPEPSC 3 – CMS Dugong MoUEPSC 3 – Awareness Case Study (India)EPSC 3 – Awareness in UAE (Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi)EPSC 3 – Research (Research Toolkit)EPSC 3 – Incentives (Terra Mar)EPSC 3 – Incentives (EnerGaia)ESPC 3 – Policy Gap AnalysisEPSC 3 – Communications SummaryESPC 3 – Global Project Summary#followthedugong Range states#followthedugong -animated gif – visit Japan#followthedugong LOVE#followthedugong – animated gif#followthedugong MadagascarWorld Environment Day #followthedugong animated gifAD1 Half Yearly Report Dec 2016CMS Dugong MOU call for abstracts at MOS3 Jan 2017EPSC 2 – CMS DugongEPSC 2 Comms overviewInception Workshop Report – Colombo, Sri Lanka – June 2015Second Executive Project Steering Committee (2) Report – Nov 2016Virtual Repository – User GuideHalf Yearly “Whole Project” Progress Report AD1 July 2016Dugong Seagrass Conservation Project SummaryExecutive Project Steering Committee 2 Logistics FormExecutive Project Steering Committee 2 PPT templateExecutive Project Steering Committee 2 Registration FormExecutive Project Steering Committee DRAFT Agenda_PCTHalf Yearly Report July 2016GlobeComm PR Finalist Presentation (Team 2)GlobeComm PR Finalist Presentation (Team 9)GlobeComm PR Winning Presentation (Team 6)Dugong & Seagrass Conservation Project – in briefAD1 Half-Yearly Report (June 2015)Cash Advance Request TemplateFunding Agreement draft (10 June 2015)Half-Yearly Progress Report Template (May 2015)Annex A to National Project Proposal Template (May 2015)National Project Proposal Template (May 2015)Co-Funding Report Template (May 2015)Quarterly Expenditures Report Template (May 2015)Interim Funding Agreement Template (June 2015)Project Coordination Team (DSCP Overview) Inception Workshop Oct 2015PCT Comms Inception Workshop Oct 2015UNEP-GEF (DSCP Overview) Inception Workshop Oct 2015CMS Dugong MoU (DSCP Overview) Inception Workshop Oct 2015‘Incentives’ (Thematic Groups) Inception Workshop Oct 2015‘Dugong’ (Thamtic Groups) Inception WOrkshop Oct 2015‘Seagrass’ (Thematic Groups) Inception Workshop Oct 2015‘Comms’ (Thematic Groups) Inception Meeting Oct 2015PCT – Inception Meeting Oct 2015 ‘Next Steps’DSCP Brand GuidelinesHalf Yearly Report Project Coordination Team July 2015