Towards better management and protection of dugongs and seagrass habitats in the Solomon Islands (SB4).

Solomon Islands: Kolombangara Island, Marovo Lagoon, Tetepare Marine Protected Area, Tetepare Island.


The primary objective of this project is to improve the management of community-administered marine areas through information gathering, awareness raising and integration of dugong and seagrass safeguards into management plans. It also aims to facilitate a better understanding of their status and distribution to ensure that communities are better equipped and informed to manage resources and improve livelihoods.

SB4 will work at two levels — provincial and national. Provincial-level activities will focus within the Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership’s Western Province network, working with its local partners to implement activities related to education/awareness-raising, research/monitoring and conservation/management.

SB4 will work towards improving the protection of dugongs and seagrass in existing marine protected areas where these occur by promoting co-management and co-ownership of marine and coastal resources – including endangered species – among all stakeholders. Locally managed marine areas (i.e. dugong sanctuaries) will be established in sites that are currently unprotected and unmanaged, and technical training and resources will be provided to local communities and government to enhance the monitoring capacity of these stakeholders.

  1. Establish dugong and seagrass community conservation groups in three targeted villages.
  2. Actively protect seagrass and dugong areas within Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs).
  3. Prepare a community-based management programme document.
  4. Develop dugong and seagrass habitat maps for three community-based management areas.
  5. Complete assessment of partner sites within the SICCP network.
  6. Develop and implement a dugong and seagrass good practice guide at six partner sites.