Operationalizing the Malaysian National Plan of Action for dugongs in Pulau Sibu and Pulau Tinggi, Johor, peninsular Malaysia (MY1).

Malaysia: Pulau Sibu and Pulau Tinggi Marine Protected Area (Johor).


The aim of this project is to operationalise the National Plan of Action for dugongs (NPOA) at Pulau Sibu and Tinggi, Johor, by working at the local, federal and national levels to successfully drive the development and extension of the Marine Protected Area.

MY1 aims to expand the existing marine park areas of Pulau Sibu and Pulau Tinggi in Johor (currently 14,440 ha in total acreage) to include the non-protected area southwest of the islands where dugongs, sea turtles and seagrasses appear to concentrate.

The project will work with the residents of three villages in the project area in Johor, as well as with tourism operators and fishermen to establish a Community Consultative Committee. This Committee will provide the platform for developing the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project and obtaining endorsement for the Dugong–Seagrass Sanctuary.

In addition, MY1 will seek to devise and conduct training and education programmes for local communities and other relevant target groups to enable them to take ownership of marine resource management, with an emphasis on dugongs and the seagrass ecosystem. This process will also increase awareness of the economic benefits of marine biodiversity conservation in terms of tourism and spill-over effects.

  1. Develop a Dugong and Seagrass Sanctuary, obtaining federal and state-level endorsement.
  2. Develop and implement a comprehensive dugong–seagrass management plan.
  3. Establish and strengthen the Community Consultative Committee (CCC) for dugong and seagrass conservation in 3 targeted villages, involving at least 30 local community members.
  4. Integrate dugong and seagrass conservation in planning processes in Johor.
  5. Implement communication, education and public awareness programmes in MY1 project areas.