Dugong Festival in Sahamalaza Madagascar at October’s End

October 25, 2016

Our project partners in Madagascar, COSAP Sahamalaza (MG4), organized a dugong festival on Berafia Island. The festival ran from 28 to 29 October 2016.

A number of exciting events occurred over the two-day celebration. Traditional boxing. A gala. A disco. Dugong poetry and educational sessions.

The festival was very well attended. All our Madagascar project partners, numerous officials, the District Chief in Ambanja, the Regional Minister of Fishing, and the Regional Education and Regional Tourism directors also attended.

Although we were not able to attend, we enjoyed these photographs and look forward to visiting the community in the future. Join their dugong celebration and enjoy their local culture by scrolling through these beautiful photographs. Celebrate our dugong!

Dugong Festival - Madagascar