Dugong featured on “The Ark” podcast

October 25, 2016

5,000 year-old cave paintings of dugongs in Malaysia. Commonalities between pandas and dugongs. Dugong intelligence. Can dugongs remember?

The dugong is featured in a 7-minute episode of The Ark – a podcast “dedicated to chronicling life that was and life that is in the natural world.”

Aeron Allen, the producer of the podcast, shared this dugong episode with us. He took great care in producing this informative audio recording. Aeron even points his listeners to our website at the end of his podcast.

As dugong advocates it may interest you. We encourage you to navigate to The Ark homepage on Soundcloud and lend the episode your ears. You just might learn something.

The Ark Podcast: Episode 5. The Dugong

You will need a Soundcloud account. because Aeron has generously released the podcast under a creative commons license, you can download and distribute the episode for nonprofit purpose.