Fisheries law makes hunting dugong illegal in Solomon Islands

September 04, 2018

Good news from the Solomon Islands – It is now against the law to fish, retain, be in possession of, buy, sell or export dugong. Any violation of this law is punishable by 4 months in prison and/or SI$40,000 fine (US$5,000).

People of Lau Lagoon with Johan (first row, 4th from left)

Thanks to the Project and the active work of the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project National Facilitating Committee in the Solomon Islands, the new Fisheries regulation formally prohibits dugongs hunting and trading. This is a major achievement and is the results of long-term efforts of the our Dugong Focal Point and the National Facilitator in the Solomon Islands, as well as our institutional and NGO Partners there.

On 27 of August 2018 in an official supplement to the Solomon Islands Gazette called the Fisheries Management (Prohibited Activities) Regulations 2018 – the parliament of the Solomon Islands made dugong, as well as many other species, off limits to fishers. Our partners sent us a copy of the law (Gazatted Fisheries Management Regulations 2018), as well as a newspaper article printed in the Island Sun (News Article about SB Dugong Regulations).

Our partners in the Solomon Islands are working with local communities – many of whom believe dugongs are sacred – to preserve dugong and their seagrass habitat.