Poachers in Madagascar Caught and Punished by Local Community for ‘DINA’ Violations

August 30, 2017

MG4 project shares the following story about the community members who took enforcement action and protected their natural resources…

Dugong and seagrass are protected under community level agreement, known as “DINA”, in the Sahamalaza Biosphere Reserve. Also, they included marine turtles as protected wildlife because of the high level of exploitation in the northwestern areas. On 18 July 2017, the Chief of the village of Berafia with his associates left Maromandia well before sunrise (2AM). During the cruise, they encountered four migrating marine turtle poachers from Mahajanga (situated at about 400 km south of Berafia Island). They were intercepted when netting marine turtles off Ambatolava. They were taken to the village to pay a penalty stated by the “Dina”; so, their nets and pirogues were seized and they paid each a fine of $17. The most important side of this story was the commitment of the communities to protect their natural resources, (marine turtles were released in their natural habitat). This was a very encouraging event for MG4 members and will enhance our engagement for protecting the natural resources in our intervening site.