Tourism guidelines for interacting with dugongs produced by our partners in Vanuatu

September 20, 2018

Vanuatu is a special place – white sandy beaches, amazing reefs, beautiful landscapes and approachable dugongs.

That’s right, many divers and water sports enthusiasts in Vanuatu are able to get up close and personal with dugongs – often finding themselves able to observe dugongs from very close. Our Project Parterres, the Vanuatu Environmental Science Society, plan to keep this special relationship between dugongs and humans alive and well.

The guidelines very much seek to protect these encounters by ensuring dugongs continue to trust humans. Getting too close, positioning between dugong and calf, interfering with their ability to surface, can all lead to dugong to be wary of encounters with humans.

The guidelines were developed in consultation with our panel of technical advisors, as well as tour operators and government regulators. These represent the current thinking on how best to interact and enjoy the wildlife in Vanuatu and across their range.

To download the guidelines visit the VESS website or use the links below.

Poster Dugong Guidelines Swimming Diving
Poster Dugong Guidelines Watercraft
Code of conduct for Tourism Operators
Tourists Guide for Interacting with Dugongs

FRENCH – Guidelines For Tourists
FRENCH Code Of Conduct for Operators
FRENCH Poster for Operating Watercraft Near Dugong
FRENCH Poster for Swimming Snorkling Diving Near Dugong