Pacific Islands Regional Dugong Seagrass Workshop – Document Download

June 11, 2018

Delegates from four of the six SPREP Members who are dugong range states (New Caledonia, Palau, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu) convened in Munda, Western Province, Solomon Islands, on 5-8 March 2018, to discuss the status of dugong and seagrass conservation in the region and plan the next steps that need to be undertaken to effectively address the region’s conservation needs.

The objectives of the workshop were to exchange experiences with dugong conservation across the dugong range states in the Pacific and to provide feedback on SPREP’s Regional Dugong Action Plan 2018-2022.

The following provides access to the files presented at the workshop. These are organized by day and the order in which the presentation was delivered. Click on the link to download the file.

Summary Report
Summary Report: Pacific Islands Regional Dugong and Seagrass Workshop

Day One
1.1 CMS Dugong MoU
1.2 Seagrass Watch
1.3 MBZ Fund
1.5 Solomon Islands
1.6 Vanuatu

Day Two
2.1 Solomon Islands
2.2 Vanuatu
2.3 Palau
2.4 New Caledonia
2.5 University of Queensland
2.6 University of New Castle
2.7 Tetepare Descendants Association

Day Three
3.2 MBZ Fund
3.3 Dugong Group
3.4 Solomon Islands
3.5 MBZ Fund
3.6 EnerGaia

Two Films from Vanuatu (opens in You Tube):
Encounters with Dugongs in Vanuatu
Vanuatu – LMMA Interview