Indonesian project partners convince fisherman to release captive dugong

November 29, 2016

On 22 September a male dugong was released into the waters of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The dugong was found alive and entangled in a gillnet owned by a local fisherman. The dugong had been captivity for a week prior to being released.

While DSCP-Indonesia Team was socializing and monitoring dugong and seagrass in Lingayan Island located near Bampapula Village, the fisherman reported the dugong to the team. After the team explained and convinced the fisherman that the dugong is rare and fully protected in Indonesia, the fisherman consented to its release. A medical examination and morphological data collection were conducted by DSCP-Indonesia Team, then dugong was released. Many thanks to the Tolitoli Fisheries Agency, BPSPL of Makasar, BKSDA of Central Sulawesi, Head of Dampal Utara Subdistrict, Head of Bampapula Village, DSCP-Indonesia Team and local community for helping to save this beautiful dugong.