Recording underwater sounds to learn more about dugong populations in Mozambique

October 23, 2017

Our Partner in Mozambique is making great strides in their dugong research targets.

Dugongos, one of our partners in Mozambique, have deployed acoustic loggers that record underwater sounds onto SD cards.

The loggers are deployed for up to a month, continuously recording underwater sounds. Eventually, the research team must retrieve the logger, access the data card, download the recordings, and redeploy the loggers.

The audio recordings are then analyzed by scientists who look for clues about the local dugong population. They look for clues about the number of dugongs, how often and when they use the area, and other information that will help them design appropriate conservation measures.

We recently visited the project site in Bazaruto Archipelago and took a few photos and videos to share with you.

Here is a short video we made about retrieving the loggers.

Here is a brief photo slideshow of the Dugongos work in Mozambique.


We hope to bring you recordings of dugongs captured by the loggers and we hope to present a few recordings of dugong chirps and whistles.

If you have questions about Dugongos’ work, visit their project page and feel free to contact the partners.

Thank you, Dugongos, for sharing your expertise and activities with us.