Project team begins work with Madagascar national network of LMMAs

August 22, 2016

MG2 Project Update: Jan thru June 2016

The Project is implemented by Blue Ventures and targets the members of the Mihari network of Locally Managed Marine Areas in Madagascar. The network has nearly 150 members and meets regularly every year. Blue Ventures and other Partners of the global GEF Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project met several times to coordinate on getting information from the network.

A template questionnaire including questions on the status, threats and the importance of dugongs was used by all Project Partners in Madagascar to collect information on dugongs and seagrass through focus groups.

Due to the low level of response, the questionnaire will be run again during the 2016 meeting of the Mihari Network, later this year.

In addition to the GEF Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project in Madagascar, Blue Ventures liaise with two other organisations, GIZ and DELC, who are interested in supporting the Project with the establishment of monitoring systems for seagrass and dugongs, awareness raising and the introduction of restrictions for local communities on marine and coastal resource use (called “dina”). During the last forum of the Mihary network in 2015, three priority sites for dugong and seagrass conservation within the LMMAs were identified. The priority sites are located in Mahajanga and Ambaro Bay.