C3, one of our partners in Madagascar, was awarded a CEPF grant for more dugong conservation in northern Madagascar

August 07, 2017

C3 Madagascar is happy to announce that it has had a grant application to the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) approved for 2017 which will help it in its mission to protect dugong’s across the entire remote northern coast of Madagascar!

The project will focus on rapid assessments of dugong and sea turtle populations, threats and habitats across three key biodiversity areas, which currently lack conservation action for marine megafauna and coastal habitats.

The sites include Bay of Rigny, Ampombofofo and Ambodivahibe. A gap analysis is required as well as public outreach in these areas in order to set the stage for local marine management efforts.

This grant is critical in terms of expanding C3’s conservation work long-term outside of its current area of work in Nosy Hara Marine Park, and to provide wider protection for these highly mobile endangered marine species.