Summary of the Closing Workshop in Bali Indonesia February 2019

March 18, 2019

The Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project was the first global initiative for the protection of the dugong and its seagrass habitats. Since its conception in 2015, the Project has invested the entrusted GEF-5 funds, amounting to USD 5.88 million, in forty-two conservation initiatives across eight of the forty-six dugong range states. The conservation initiatives have been driven by nearly thirty local organisations, who have worked on four integral Project components towards achieving the Project objective, namely, to enhance the effectiveness of conservation efforts for dugongs and their seagrass ecosystems across the Indian and Pacific Ocean basins.

December 2018 marked the end of the technical completion phase for the Project.The closing workshop for all Project Partners, both implementing and supporting, and technical advisers took place in the last week of February 2019, after the technical completion of the Project.

Since the Project inception workshop, held in October 2015 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the closing workshop was the next and last opportunity for the Partners to meet altogether under the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project.

The objectives for the closing workshop were:
 To critically review achievements, obstacles and lessons learned during the implementation of the Project;
 To map the next steps for dugong and seagrass conservation for the eight participating Project countries;
 To build capacity for the implementation of future similar/ relevant projects, including among others, administrative capacity, technical and soft skills; and
 To initiate the terminal evaluation for the Project.

Listed below are the presentations that were delivered at the workshop and here is the agenda that guided the meeting:
DSCP Closing workshop_agenda 2019 02 19

Day One Presentations (in order of delivery)

Day one, Presentation One: UN Environment
Day One, Presentation Two: PCT Opening Remarks
Day One, Presentation Three: Research in Malaysia
Day One, Presentation Four: Incentives in Sri Lanka
Day One, Presentation Five: Incentives in Timor-Leste
Day One, Presentation Six: Alternative Livelihoods EnerGaia
Day One, Presentation Seven: Business Marketing Dugongs T Varna

Day Two Presentations (in order of delivery)

Day Two, Presentation Two: Policy in Solomon Islands
Day Two, Presentation Two: Policy in Vanuatu
Day Two, Presentation Three: DPSIR
Day Two, Presentation Four: Culture Study (L Iyengar)
Day Two, Presentation Five: Dugong, Seagrass, Culture Malaysia
Day Two, Presentation Six: Project-wide Policy
Day Two, Presentation Seven: Project-wide Communication
Day Two, Presentation Eight: Communication in Indonesia

Day Three Presentations (in order of delivery)

Day Three, Presentation One: CMS Dugong MoU update
Day Three, Presentation Two: Grant Writing Principles

Poster Presentations

Poster One: EnerGaia
Poster Two: LK4
Poster Three: LK1
Poster Four: LK5
Poster Five: LK8
Poster Six: MG2
Poster Seven: MG4
Poster Eight: MG6
Poster Nine: MY1
Poster Ten: MY5
Poster Eleven: MZ2
Poster Twelve: C3
Poster 13: MZ4
Poster 14: CM2