Project News & Field Updates

First Indonesian symposium on dugong and seagrass habitat

August 22, 2016

ID1 Project Update: Jan thru June 2016 ID 1 was kicked-off with the first National Symposium on Dugong and Seagrass Habitat, held on 20-21 April 2016 and hosted by one of the Partners in Indonesia, the University of Bogor. The aim of the Symposium was to collect data on the status of dugong populations and […]


Indonesian fieldwork starts on the ground and goest into the air

August 22, 2016

The team collected data of seagrass species distribution, biomass, feeding trail, dugong behaviour, Environmental DNA (E-DNA), and socio-ecology information using the CMS Dugong MoU bycatch questionnaire.


T-shirts for dugong conservation in Madagascar

August 21, 2016

Our Project partners in Madagascar, C3, created a t-shirt in collaboration with the Baobab clothing company. Proceeds go to the conservation of dugong and seagrass in our MG3 project. We definitely want a t-shirt like this one. Do you? Contact our project partner using the contact details on the project page.


Calling all fisherman. Reward! Acoustic loggers lost in NW Madagascar.

June 25, 2016

A deployment of 6 acoustic loggers was carried out. Given the high number of artisanal fisherman in both locations, there was concern that the loggers may be stolen or tangled in the fisherman’s gear...We are now actively working to try and locate the lost loggers by posting a reward and notice at three local radio stations (Ambanja, Nosy Be and Ambilobe) to the local fisher.


Vanuatu partner films dugong mother nursing calf

June 19, 2016

Our project partners the Vanuatu Environmental Science Society shared a video of a dugong mother nursing her calf. We think its the first time dugong nursing behavior has ever been recorded on film. Rather than nursing as she swims, the dugong mother takes her calf to settle on the bottom to feed. The dugong mammary glands are located […]


Seaweed farming poses threat to Philippine dugongs

June 16, 2016

Entanglement in fishing nets is a well-documented threat to dugongs; however, entanglement in ropes used to farm seaweed is less well-documented. A recent publication authored by our partners Community Centred Conservation (C3), documented cases of dugong entanglement in ropes used for seaweed farming in Busanga, Palawan, Philippines (see location here). It appears that dugongs are not […]


New infographics explain differences between (1) dugongs and manatees and (2) seagrass and seaweed

June 15, 2016

Ever wonder what are the differences between dugongs and manatees or between seagrass and seaweed? The Dugong and Segrass Conservation Project is pleased to announce the availability of two infographics that help explain these differences. The tail of the dugong is fluked (similar to a dolphin tail). The manatee has a paddle-shaped tail. These were […]


Amazing ideas by courageous young people

June 08, 2016

This year the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project was “the client” of the GlobCom Initiative. More than 200 students, coming from 16 countries, formed nine teams competing for the ‘business’ of the client. And we had the difficult task to select the best one, and only one! The students have been working remotely for 3 […]


Announcement: Health Assessment Course Opportunity in Thailand

May 25, 2016

2016 Health Assessment for Marine Endangered Species International Training Course Deadline for applications: May 31, 2016 The training course will provide participants with marine endangered species issues about the crisis, forensic science, biology and anatomy, health assessment, medicine, necropsy and the other related topics. The format of the course is not lecture only, but also […]


Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund and Zayed University Students Work Together to Raise Global Awareness about Dugong and Seagrass Conservation

May 21, 2016

“The Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project, executed by the MBZ Fund, represents an unprecedented global investment in the conservation of these endangered species and contributes to Abu Dhabi’s already impressive track record of supporting environmental conservation efforts worldwide,” said Her Excellency Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, Managing Director of the MBZ Fund.