Study finds Sri Lankan fishermen are ready to help conserve marine resources

October 19, 2017

A survey organized by the IUCN found that fishermen in Northern Sri Lanka understand the importance of environmental regulation in protecting their marine resources and many are concerned that marine resources will continue to decline if nothing is done.

The results of the survey were presented at the 3rd National Symposium on the Marine Environment held this month in Sri Lanka. Our partners, who presented the results of the survey at the symposium, were kind enough to share their results with us in a PPT that you can download here.

Results from the survey demonstrate the promise of conservation and community awareness raising. According to the authors: “The willingness for conservation and sustainable utilization of marine life among fishermen exceeded 90% of the sample when asked whether they are willing to support conservation, law enforcement and knowledge dissemination.”

Along with the PPT summary of the results, the authors created an abstract which you can download and ready author’s abstract, here

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