App Alert: Record your sightings of marine mammals, dugongs included, with this App

October 02, 2017

(c) VanderPloeg: Sperm whale in Solomon Islands

Sighting a marine mammal can be an exciting thing. One of the first things we are likely to do is snap a photo. What if you could also contribute that sighting to science? Citizen-science projects are becoming more popular with the widespread distribution of smart phones.

Dugongs are no exception! And one of our partners in Mozambique, Dugongos, has developed an App, Seafari, for just this purpose. Next time you spot a marine mammal – dugong or otherwise – log your sighting into the Seafari App.

Seafari is available for iOS and Android devices. Login to the App Store or Google Play to download your copy today.

More information is available in the poster below:

Record your marine mammal sightings with this App – created by our partners Dugongos in Mozambique with $8,000 in funding from Alex Vogel.