Dugong and Seagrass Videos

We’ve collated a selection of videos about our work. If any of the videos relate to a specific project, we’ve provided a link to that project directly above the video.

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Our project partners in Vanuatu filmed a dugong mother and calf nursing! - May 2016

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Virtual Repository – User Guide Video - October 2015

If you are a project partner and need a video demonstration on how to use the Virtual Repository, watch this. The virtual repository is a dropbox folder where all project partners can archive their project documents. The folders will serve as an central location for official project documents. This video is a simple, how to guide. Enjoy.

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How to use the PPT template to create your MOS3 poster - January 2015

A short video about how to create your MOS3 PPT poster. We created a PPT template that will allow all of us to create similar posters for our participation at the MOS3 meeting in Abu Dhabi in Mary 2017.

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‘What is a Dugong?’ Let’s listen to NatGeo - June 2012

Every wonder what is a dugong? This video from National Geographic answers many of your questions. It even highlights the population and conservation efforts in Abu Dhabi, UAE - home to the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project Management office. It also features many of our friends at the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi.

Mr Weebl’s totally inaccurate song about Dugong’s – viewed 4.5m times! - June 2008

This music video contains many inaccuracies about dugong. They are not the same as a manatee and, we believe, are much cuter than a dolphin. But, at least the song is correct in pointing out that dugongs dont have wings nor do they live in trees. This MrWeebl dugong song is too good to ignore, and with 4.5 million views who can fault MrWeebl!

With all these songs about dugongs, we needed one about seagrass – here you go! - June 2008

Ear worm: du du du dugong…another song about dugong. - May 2007

Yep. Another song about dugong. All the photos are of manatees, but its the thought that counts.

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